Notes for presenters


1) The chairperson is responsible for conducting the session.

2) A preliminary meeting is to be held right before the session, where the sequence and time limit of presentation and discussion time are fixed by the chairperson. Presenters should follow the chairperson’s instruction.

3) Each session is 80 min long including up to 7 presentations. A presentation should be finished within 9 min. Two bells ring at 7 and 9 min, respectively, for the presenter’s notice.

4) The presenter uses a LCD projector installed at each session room, and operates the PC by oneself. Note that the session staff does not support the PC operation for presentation.

5) Presenters can use their own PC or a preinstalled Windows PC.

6) Please come to the session room with your PC and presentation files 10 min before opening the session.

7) Please take a seat near the stage and be ready for the presentation.

8) A presenter should start a presentation file by oneself. An RGB switcher is operated by a staff.

9) A presentation sequence could be changed in case of troubles.

10) Please finish the presentation within the time limit even if the PC hangs up or freezes.

Note for oral presentations

1. Methods

Presenters can use a LCD projector and a preinstalled Windows PC in the session room. Presenters’ own PC can also be used for presentation. Pointing stick and laser are prepared. Overhead projector is not prepared.

2. For the person who uses your own PC

1) A presenter’s PC is connected to the room LCD projector via a switching device (SW-EV4; Sanwa Supply) by using a cable with male VGA connector (D-sub 15 pin).

Mini D-sub15pin (HD15pin) male connector

2) If no D-sub 15 pin port is installed on your PC, bring a conversion cable by yourself.

3) No room is prepared for checking presenter’s slides, PC or presentation file (ppt, pptx, pdf files etc.). Presenters can check them in a session room for your presentation while no one is disturbed.

4) Arrive 10 min before the session and check PC connection and operation with the session staff.

5) In order to make a steady progress, PCs of present and next presenters are simultaneously connected to the switching device.

6) The next presenter should make sure all of the PC and be ready for the presentation at the next speaker’s seat. The other presenters would be ready at presenters’ seats.

7) Please back up the presentation file to USB memory stick or CD-R and bring them against unexpected troubles. Keep files secured and virus free.

3. For the presenters using the room PC

1) You would be asked to make presentation using PowerPoint 2013 or AcrobatReader X on the Windows PC provided at the session room. You would be asked to bring ppt or pptx file together with pdf file for your presentation if you prepare the presentation file on a Macintosh PC.

2) Please bring your presentation file on USB memory stick. Install your presentation file into the room PC before your session. A staff member helps you to install your presentation file on the PC. You are also kindly asked to do virus check of your media in advance.

3) The size of your presentation file is preferably less than 20 MB and must be less than 100 MB.

4) The file name should be the assigned presentation number as below: presentation number.ppt, presentation number.pptx of presentation number.pdf (For example, II138.ppt, II138.pptx of II138.pdf if your presentation number is 138 in the Division II.)

5) In case you use a motion picture, it should be playable on Media Player.

6) You are asked to use the fonts installed as standard fonts; namely MS Mincho, MS P Mincho, MS P Gothic, Times New Roman and Century.

7) No room is prepared for checking presentation file (ppt, pptx, pdf files etc.). Check your files in your session room while you do not disturb anyone.

8) Bring your presentation digital data to your session room 10 minutes before your session will start. Your presentation may be cancelled if you were late.

9) After your presentation, the person in charge will delete your presentation data from the room PC.

4. Measures for computer virus

Anti-virus software will be installed in every computer in the session rooms. However, JSCE would not take responsibility to any trouble with computer virus brought by any presenter. Therefore, every presenter is required to take proper anti-virus measure for your presentation file in advance. The presenter is suggested to check once again the media (USB memory stick), connected to the computer at the session room, when the presenter will use it later.