Excellent Presentation Award – Nomination Rules and Guidelines

Japan Society of Civil Engineering (JSCE) honors young researchers and engineers who have delivered excellent oral presentations at the JSCE Annual Meeting by Excellent Presentation Award.

1. Title

The title of the award is “JSCE Annual Meeting Excellent Presentation Award”.

2. Objective of Excellent Presentation Award

(a) To contribute improving quality of proceedings papers and presentation skills
(b) To inspire commitment to the annual meeting from young researchers and engineers
(c) To prompt active discussion in the meeting

3. Qualification

The award candidates are nominated from individual researchers and engineers who delivered concise and excellent presentation in the meeting. The age of nominee should not over forty years old. Neither substitute presenter nor poster presenter is nominated.

4. Selection

(a) All the presentations in a session are scored by a chairperson of the session by following the award criteria, and one presenter who gets the best score is nominated.
(b) Executive Committee Office of JSCE Annual Meeting tabulates a score of each nominee.
(c) The number of award winners for each section should not exceed half of the number of sessions in the section. Award winners are selected in descending order of the score. In the case that the score is tied, a younger presenter is prioritized.

5. Recognition

1) Names of award winners are published in the Annual Meeting Report Issue of JSCE Magazine, “Civil Engineering”.
2) Diploma is mailed to each award winner individually.
3) The award is jointly given by a chair of the JSCE Annual Meeting Committee and the head of Academic Division of the Executive Committee of JSCE Annual Meeting.

6. Addendum

This rule shall come into effect on the JSCE Annual Meeting in 1995.
Supplementary provision (approved by the Administrative Board on March 24, 1995)
Partially amended on June 18, 1996