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14.第13回 インターナショナルサマーシンポジウム論文募集
 The Thirteenth International Summer Symposium Call for Papers

The International Summer Symposium is one of the opportunities for international students and engineers to share their current studies and ideas. Civil engineering students and young engineers who are interested in discussing, making exchange and networking about latest researches are strongly encouraged to take this opportunity.


The International Activities Committee, JSCE


Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University, Uji, Kyoto
Website: http://www.dpri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/web_e/index_topics.html

・Date & Time

August 26, 2011

・Registration fee

Registration fee is 2,000 yen per paper. The registration fee includes one copy of symposium proceedings and a networking party to be held after the symposium. Additional copies of the symposium proceedings will be available for purchase at the registration desk for 2,000 yen per copy. The registration fee must be paid after the day that the participants receive the acceptance letter or by the day of the symposium.


Payment method and related details are informed to authors in the acceptance letter. Registration forms and papers submitted will not be processed without full payment of the registration fee.


Topics should be chosen from the following areas:
A. Structural Engineering
A-1) Applied Mechanics, A-2) Structural Engineering, A-3) Earthquake Engineering,
A-4) Wind Engineering, A-5) Others

B. Hydraulic Engineering
B-1) Hydraulic Engineering, B-2) River Engineering, B-3) Coastal Engineering,
B-4) Water Resource Engineering, B-5) Environmental Hydraulics, B-6) Others

C. Geotechnical Engineering
C-1) Soil Mechanics, C-2) Rock Engineering, C-3) Foundation Engineering,
C-4) Environmental Geotechnics, C-5) Others

D. Planning and Design
D-1) Urban and Regional Planning, D-2) Transportation, D-3) Landscape Engineering and Design, D-4) Historical studies in Civil Engineering, D-5) Others

E. Materials
E-1) Civil Engineering Materials, E-2) Pavement Engineering, E-3) Concrete Engineering, E-4) Others

F. Management and Construction Technology
F-1) Construction Management, F-2) Construction Technology, F-3) Others

G. Environment
G-1) Environmental Planning and Management, G-2) Environmental System, G-3) Water and Wastewater System, G-4) Environmental Conservation, G-5) Others

・ Language


・Paper Submission

1) Registration forms and papers must be submitted to the International Affairs Section, JSCE no later than May 14, 2011. The maximum number of papers accepted is two papers per registered author.
*Registration Form and Instructions for Preparation of Papers can be obtained on the JSCE website (http://www.jsce-int.org). Please fill out the registration form and email or fax it to the symposium secretariat (yanagawa@jsce.or.jp, 03-5379-2769).

2) All submitted papers will be reviewed by the International Activities Committee. Authors will be informed about that committee’s comments and decisions for their papers by e-mail by July 8, 2011.

3) The authors who are requested to revise their papers must submit the revised papers by July 22, 2011.

The above details are subject to change. Please check the website (http://www.jsce-int.org) for updates.

・Important Dates

Deadline for paper submission and registration form May 14 
Notification of paper acceptance, comments and details for registration fee payment July 8 
Deadline for revised paper submission July 22 


Mr. YANAGAWA Hiroyuki
International Affairs Section, JSCE
E-mail: yanagawa@jsce.or.jp
Fax: 03-5379-2769.
Website: http://www.jsce-int.org
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