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9.Summer Special Program on the Management of the Civil Structures

・Organized by

The task committee of the international educational program creation for structural engineering
The committee of the structural engineering in Japan Society of Civil Engineers


This summer special program provides lectures for international students and engineers including Japanese to learn and discuss the maintenance of the civil structures in English. The program is conducted by widely-recognized professors in the management and the maintenance engineering field. The International students and engineers are strongly encouraged to participate in this program.


/ Graduate students who are interested in the bridge maintenances
/ Engineers who maintain the bridges


August 24 - August 27 in 2009


Head office of Japan Society of Civil Engineers Tokyo, Japan

・Registration fee

Participants are charged 15,000 yen for application including a textbook and the participation fee of a field trip


You can pay the registration fee by cash on site.


Class schedule is mentioned below

・Application form is located in the website


・Important Dates

August 3, 2009: Deadline of Application


Prof. Yukihide Kajita (Associate Professor, Dept.of Civil and Str. Eng., Kyushu Univ.)
e-mail: ykajita@doc.kyushu-u.ac.jp
fax: 092-802-3377

・Class schedule (tentative)

  Topic Instructor Time
1 Introduction Prof. Hitoshi Furuta 8/24  10:30〜12:00
2 Mechanism of deterioration of concrete structures Prof. Tomohiro Miki 8/24  13:00〜14:30
3 Strengthening and repair of concrete structures Prof. Tomohiro Miki 8/24  14:50〜16:20
4 Mechanism of deterioration of steel structures Prof. Yoshiaki Okui 8/25  10:30 〜 12:00
5 Strengthening and repair of steel structures Prof. Akira Kasai 8/25  13:00 〜 14:30
6 Inspection for structures Prof. Kunitomo Sugiura 8/25  14:50 〜 16:20
7 Load test, Non-destructive test and monitoring Prof. Tomonori Nagayama 8/26  10:00 〜 11:10
8 Assessment and engineering judgments Prof. Tomonori Nagayama 8/26  11:20 〜 12:30
9 Management flow and life cycle cost Prof. Kei Kawamura 8/26   13:30 〜 14:40
10 Prediction of structural integrity Prof. Kei Kawamura 8/26   14:50 〜 16:00
11 Advanced topic Prof. Shunji Kanie 8/27   10:30 〜 12:00
12 Field trip Prof. Yukihide Kajita 8/27   13:00 〜 17:00

・Session 12 (August 27, 13:00-17:00)

We make a field trip to three old bridges in Tokyo.
Guide: Prof. Yukihide Kajita
Guide: Dr. Sentaro Takagi
Profession director, Road and bridge Administration Division of Tokyo Metropolitan government
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