"Civil Engineering, JSCE" Vol.39, 2001

"Civil Engineering, JSCE, 2001, Vol.39" is a collection of the articles selected from the monthly magazine "Civil Engineering." Considering interesting topics and timely issues in civil engineering for our international readers, the editors selected the articles among those published in the magazine during the year.

  • Cover Page
  • Remarks upon Publication
    Norihito TAMBO
  • Foreword
    Michio SUZUKI

    Special Topics

  • Adoption of the Code of Ethics
    Yutaka TAKAHASHI
  • Code of Ethics
    University Education at a Critical Turning Point

  • Future Prospects for Public Works
    Takehiro FUJITA
  • Thoughts on a Reduction in the Number of Civil Engineering Students
    Kazuya OSHIMA

    Project Report & Technical Developments

  • The World's Longest Terrestrial Railway Tunnel
    Hitoshi YAMAJI
  • Shield Tunneling Method
    Toru KONDA
  • Development of Recast-Form Caisson
    Hideo SASAKI, Kouichi SHIMAOKA

    Disaster Prevention Measures

  • Report of Emergency Survey Group of Usu Eruptive Activity on March 31, 2000
    Ikuo TOHNO, Hideaki INAGAKI, Hiroshi IMAI, Toshitaka TAKADA
  • Challenge of Remote Preventive Work at Mt. Usu
    Masami NISHINO, Takashi AONO
  • Storm Surge Damage caused by Typhoon No.9918 in the Area of the Shiranui Sea
    Kiyoshi TAKIKAWA


  • Bridge of Chopsticks Contest Review
    Takanori HATTORI


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