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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2016年(平成27年度) IIグループ


Construction of Ueno-Tokyo line, that dramatically improved the service of the railway transportation in Tokyo metropolitan area
- Reconstruction of the railway network realized by renovating a number of facilities in an urban central area -


  • 東日本旅客鉄道(株)
  • East Japan Railway Company
Ueno-Tokyo (UT) line is the project of a new line in a most crowded section between Ueno and Tokyo. The project realized seamless operation between the lines that had ended in Ueno or Tokyo and reduced the congestion. We managed to conduct a number of constructions: building a new structure above Tohoku-Shinkansen, customizing track layouts in Shinagawa station and depot for the operation, and renovation of passenger facilities in Tokyo and Shimbashi station to accommodate increasing passengers.
  UT line relieved the congestion, rid transfer, and shortened traveling time. Consequently, it increased user benefits all over the metropolitan area. In addition, it activated the exchange among areas along the lines and contributed to the development of Japanese society.

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