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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2016年(平成27年度) IIグループ

ネパール国シンズリ道路建設事業 (計画から30 年の時をかけて高低差1,300m、全長160kmの山岳道路を完成)

The Project for Construction of Sindhuli Road
Completion of the mountain road with its total length of 160km and 1,300m difference of altitude over thirty years in Nepal

ネパール国シンズリ道路建設事業<br>(計画から30 年の時をかけて高低差1,300m、全長160kmの山岳道路を完成)

  • 独立行政法人国際協力機構、ネパール国公共インフラ交通省道路局,日本工営(株)、間組・大成建設共同企業体、(株)安藤・間
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency. Department of Roads, Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Nepal. Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. Hazama-Taisei Joint Venture. Hazama Ando Corp.
This construction project with its total length of 160km and 1,300m difference of altitude connects from Kathmandu capital city to Terai Plain with the way to the border of India. The site consists of rocks with vulnerable steep slopes on fragile geology. Several disasters occurred during the implementation. These diff iculties has been overcome by harmonization between Japanese and local technology.
  Completion of this project contributes poverty reduction and improvement of the livelihood of local people, and achievement of national development plan of Nepal aiming to economic growth as well as stability and safety of Kathmandu capital city.

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