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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2012年(平成23年度) Iグループ


The Development and Commercialization of a New Special Foaming Agent, Eco-Mousse, Achieving Reduction of Environmental Impact to the Level of 1/25 in Shield Tunneling Method.


  • 清水建設(株)
  • Shimizu Corp.
Eco-Mousse is a new type of special foaming agent for the Rheological Shield Tunneling Method (RSTM) and is particularly eco-friendly. A conventional type requires a longer time for its biodegrading process and then requires a place to store the soil which contains the agent.
"Eco-Mousse" is made through reformation of component chemicals, and has achieved the reduction of environmental burdens to the level of a twenty-fifth of the conventional type. This enables us to allow reduction of place and time for storage, then cost.
It is highly evaluated that "Eco-Mousse" will make great improvement in RSTM which is expected to be in more demand in the near future.

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