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Standing subcommittees

H001 Symposium
H002 International Cooperation
H005 JSCE Journal Special Edition Editorial Board

Category 1

H100 Guidelines for Performance-Based Design of Steel-Concrete Hybrid Structures (2005- )
H101 Revision of Standard Specifications for Hybrid Structures (2011.9- )
H102 FRP footbridge design guidelines (2009.7-2011.3)
H103 Text book on basic theory and of Design of Hybrid Structures (2009.9-2011.9)
H104 Research on the Damage of from Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake (2011.10-2012.12)
H105 The 300 years project (2012.7- )
H180 Technical guidelines for FRP hydraulic gates (2012.12- )

Category 2

H201 Research on the Current Situation of Hybrid Structures (2005.10-2008.9 )
H202 Hybrid technique using new materials (2005.8-2007.8 )
H203 Maintenance (2005.12-2009.4)
H204 FRP hybrid bridge (2006.10-2009.9)
H205 Repair and Strengthening of Steel and Hybrid Structures using FRP Composites (2006.10-2010.3)
H206 Performance assessment of shear connecters for hybrid structures (2009.10- )
H207 Hybrid technique using resin materials (2009.10-2012.12 )
H208 FRP hybrid structures (2010.6- )
H209 FRP retrofit design of concrete structures (2010.6- )
H210 Waterproofing and draining methods for hybrid structures (2011.1- )
H211 Bonded joints between FRP to steel members (2011.1- )
H212 Load-carrying mechanism in hybrid structures (2012.12- )