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  1. Standard Specifications for Hybrid Structures 2014 (Design, Construction, and Maintenance)

Hybrid Structure Series

  1. Examples of Performance Verification Based on Guidelines for Performance-Based Design of Steel-Concrete Hybrid Structures, January 2006.
  2. Guidelines for Performance Verification of Steel-Concrete Hybrid Structures, March 2006 (in English).
  3. Advanced Technology for Hybrid Structures –Methods and Applications for Civil Engineering Structures, July 2007.
  4. Guidelines for Design and Construction of FRP footbridges, January 2011.
  5. Basic Theory and Design of Hybrid Structures, March 2012.

Hybrid Structure Reports

  1. Application of Advanced Composite Materials to Infrastructure, February 2007.
  2. Survey and Analysis on the Current Situation of Hybrid Structures, June 2008.
  3. Characteristic of various materials and performance evaluation of new hybrid structures –Analysis of construction method by marketing technique-, July 2008.
  4. Case-based Current Assessment on Maintenance Technologies for Hybrid Structures, April 2010.
  5. Advanced Technology of Repair and Strengthening of Steel Structures using Externally-Bonded FRP Composites, June 2012.
  6. Advanced Technology of Hybrid Structures using Resin Materials, June 2012.