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Waterproof and Drainage Systems in Hybrid Structures

Chair: Hiroshi Onishi (Iwate University)
Secretary: Kazuo Okuda (Mitsubishi Plastics)

The structure members using concrete represented by bridge decks are influenced with water penetration into concrete part on its durability. As water penetrations, researchers made a prediction of appearances the corrosion damage of steel members and shortening fatigue life of structures in hybrid structures. To prevent the damage with water penetration, we must construct the water control system composed with waterproof and drainage.
In this subcommittee, members investigate the information about state of art waterproof and drainage for road bridge decks and carried out some experiment for protection system at triple contact point in hybrid structures.


Load-carrying Mechanism in Hybrid Structures

Chair: Shigehiko Saito (Yamanashi University)
Secretary: Takeshi Maki (Saitama University)

The objective of this subcommittee is to clarify load-carrying mechanism in hybrid structures based on the results of loading tests and nonlinear numerical simulations with sufficient reliability. Especially, analyses of composite members, as well as connections between steel and concrete members, will be fully conducted as a contribution of information for rational design method of hybrid structures.