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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2018年(平成29年度) Iグループ


Establishment of excavating technologies of shield tunnel at a great depth and Development of construction methods for deep Vertical Shafts
-Long-distance excavation techniques in gravel layer under high water pressure and Reaching technology using Direct cutting wall and Water reaching method-


  • 東京都第四建設事務所、大成・佐藤・錢高建設共同企業体
  • 4th Construction office Tokyo Metropolitan Government
    Taisei Sato Zenitaka construction joint venture
“Shirako River-Underground Regulation Pond” is the key underground flood control reservoir planned for typhoons and torrential rainfall, which is composed of a tunnel constructed by slurry type TBM and an inflow facility by the pneumatic caisson method.
In this project, we developed a new composite segment having a strong resistance to internal hydraulic pressure. In addition, we accumulated and enhanced knowledge about several technologies, such as excavation techniques in gravel layers under high water pressure, direct receiving procedures using easily-cuttable wall, and construction methods for deep vertical shafts with close to proximities to the residential areas.

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