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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2018年(平成29年度) Iグループ

琵琶湖開発施設管理における i-Construction & Management
 〜 広域的に多数点在する施設群の管理を高度化するICT技術の導入 〜

“i- Construction & Management” for operation and maintenance of facilities constructed on the Lake Biwa Development Project
- the introduction systems for ICT to upgrade the management of wide-area and scattered facilities -

琵琶湖開発施設管理における  i-Construction & Management<br> 〜 広域的に多数点在する施設群の管理を高度化するICT技術の導入 〜<br>

  • (独)水資源機構琵琶湖開発総合管理所
  • Incorporated Administrative Agency Japan Water Agency, Lake Biwa Development Integrated Operation and Maintenance Office
本業績は、建設のみならず管理も見据えたICT技術の活用、すなわちi-Construction &Management の先駆けとして、広域的に多数点在する多種多様な施設・設備情報の一元的な管理や、施設の操作・維持管理の効率化に向けた具体的な方法を提供している。我が国において、既設公共インフラ施設の長寿命化や機能の最大活用が求められる中、限られた人員体制による効率的かつ的確な操作・維持管理を行う手法として、幅広い分野への利活用が期待できるものと高く評価され、技術賞に値するものと認められた。
Prolonging the life of infrastructure and maximum use of its potential capacity are nation-wide challenges in Japan. In the case of the Lake Biwa, appropriate operation and maintenance (O&M) is required for lots of facilities such as sluice gates and drainage pumps scattered along the coast, while the shortage of professional engineers is becoming more serious. As a practical solution, three ICT-based O&M systems have been developed.
The systems have enabled centralized information management of various and scattered facilities. It is expected that the systems would be applicable to wide range of O&M fields and contribute efficient and accurate O&M by limited human resources.
JWA was awarded the technical prize for developing them.

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