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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2017年(平成28年度) IIグループ


Floodgate Extension Works in the Mouth of Hyakken River
- Adopting the “rising sector gate” in the largest scale in Japan to unify flood control, historic preservation, and environmental conservation -


  • 国土交通省 中国地方整備局 岡山河川事務所
  • Okayama River Management Office, Chugoku Regional Development Bureau,
    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Aiming at doubling its capacity to carry flood flows in the mouth of Hyakken River, the floodgates extension works adjacent to the old floodgates were started in 2001 and were completed in 2016. The new continuous three floodgates in conjunction with the old one can flow the designed 150-year flood safely.
Adopting“ rising sector gate”, which open and close by its rotation, famously used for the Thames Barrier in UK, lowering its height and improving earthquake-resistance are both obtained. Each floodgate is the longest span (33.4m) and the heaviest (350t) in Japan.
The floodgate’s structure was designed in harmony with the surrounding environment and landscape.

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