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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2016年(平成27年度) Iグループ

東日本大震災で被災した市街地復興プロジェクトを支える復興版CM 方式

Construction Management for Disaster Recovery (CMDR) to Support Rebuilding of Great East Japan Earthquake-Stricken Onagawa Town

東日本大震災で被災した市街地復興プロジェクトを支える復興版CM 方式<br>(女川駅周辺地区の早期復興を実現したチーム女川からの発信)

  • 独立行政法人都市再生機構、鹿島・オオバ女川町震災復興事業共同企業体、女川町
  • Urban Renaissance Agency. The Reconstruction and Community Development Project Kajima, Ohba Joint Venture. Onagawa Town
In order to facilitate the early restoration of disaster area, which suffered immense damage by Great East Japan Earthquake, the new project execution system utilizing construction management at-risk as a base (hereinafter referred to as “Construction Management for Disaster Recovery (CMDR)”) and practical tool to manage CMDR to implement the project in cooperation with Onagawa municipal government, Urban Renaissance Agency, and construction-related companies has been established.
  Application of this system enabled to drastically shorten the construction schedule and managed to open New Onagawa Town earlier than scheduled date. Moreover, the construction cost has been eff iciently reduced and collaboration with local companies effectively contributed to rehabilitation of local economy.

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