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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2016年(平成27年度) Iグループ

荷重増による鉄道シールドトンネルの変状に対する恒久的な対策工事 −高島トンネル補強工事−

Permanent Reinforcement against Deformation of Railway Shield Tunnel with ground subsidence
- Takashima Tunnel Reinforcement Work -


  • 横浜高速鉄道(株)、 日本シビックコンサルタント(株)、 清水・東急建設共同企業体
  • Yokohama Minatomirai Railway Co. Nippon Civic Consulting Engineers Co.,Ltd. Shimizu Corp., Tokyu Construction Co.,Ltd JV.
The reinforcement works were carried out from the internal and external points in order to ensure permanent safety of the deformed tunnel. The external reinforcement was executed as ground improvement of the surrounding ground since the deformation was caused by ground subsidence. The internal one was implemented as a secondary lining which was par t icularly developed for the reinforcement of the tunnel in a largely deformed section.
  The bigges t chal lenges of the int er nal reinforcement work are safety management of temporary works and building works of newly developed segment linings to secure schedule and quality.
  This construction method is highly evaluated in to tunnel rehabilitation works.

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