JSCE Standard Specification for Concrete Structures
Standard Spesifications for Concrete Structures 2007, Design

Considering the actual design work, the Seismic Performance Verification and Structural Performance Verification part of 2002 version are combined into this new "Design" part. In addition, Verifications of Durability at design stage and Thermal Crack at construction stage in "Materials and Construction" part of previous version have been moved into this new "Design" part. It is also stipulated that the construction conditions should be clearly stated in design documents for verification purpose. In addition, Chapter 3 (Structural Planning) on selection of structure type, materials, etc., has been added in this revision. "Design" part is composed of four parts: General, Performance Verification, Standard and References. Manual part introduces standard methods to achieve the required performance stipulated in General part in a given condition. References part provides particular examples for clarifying contents of General part. With the above contents, this part is named "Design". Though the "Design" part does not cover plain concrete, it is applicable for determining design values of concrete material.

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