JSCE Standard Specification for Concrete Structures
Standard Spesifications for Concrete Structures 2007, Materials and Construction

"Materials and Construction" part inherits the structure of the Performance Verification-based 2002 version with four parts, including General, Manuals for Construction (on materials and construction methods), Manuals for Inspection (on inspection methods), and Particular Concretes. In General part of gMaterials and Constructionh, by stipulating the required performance (not mix proportion) the quality of concrete structure will always be ensured even in cases of new materials, new construction methods or particular construction conditions. Manuals for Materials and Construction part provides detailed information on common materials as well as fundamental construction practices. Here, the introduction of Manuals is more practical and rational for ordinary construction procedures than conforming to verification methods. In addition, since most of the items stipulated in gInspectionh chapter in previous versions were aimed at the owners, a separate Inspection Manual is created for the ease of user. Above-mentioned matters apply to normal concretes, Particular Concretes part is separately drafted for specific types of concrete. By dividing the Specification into two parts, General and Manuals, it is believed that the Standard Specification for Concrete Structure has become more user-friendly or easier to use.

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