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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2012年(平成23年度) IIグループ


Coral and Seagrass Preservation Projects Around a Subtropical Offshore Island


  • アブダビ石油(株),大成建設(株),芙蓉海洋開発(株)
  • ABU DHABI OIL CO., LTD., Taisei Corp. , Fuyo Ocean Development & Engineering Co., Ltd.
In the Arabian Gulf, extreme high water temperatures adversely affect the marine biodiversity. In order to improve environmental potentials, coral and seagrass preservation projects were carried out around an offshore island of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We have developed a technique to transplant the coral which quantity of existence had largely decreased. The transplant point was decided by the numerical simulation of the movements of coral eggs. These techniques can protect coral from future high water temperatures. In addition, the mattress method of the seagrass was applied to practical use. These actions contribute as a technique to keep a desirable environment based on the civil engineering.

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