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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2010年(平成21年度) IIグループ


Development of Slope Protection Technique Using Recycling Tatami-mat and Afforestation for High Biodiversity.


  • 大成建設(株),(有)ウス井樹園
  • TAISEI Corp., USUIJUEN Co.,Ltd
切土法面の緑化は,厚層基材工が幅広く用いられているが, 外来種を用いているため生態学的な課題があった.「植生遷移に配慮した生物多様性の高い森づくり」をコンセプトに,自然配植緑化による樹林化技術と時間と共に苗木の育成をアシストする法面保護工を開発した.植生の基盤,土質性状を工学的な視点で捉え,植物の特性,土壌環境を生態学的な視点で捉えながら,工学的安定と植生遷移を時間軸で考慮した点が特徴であり,古畳を利用して簡易化した押伏せマットは,現代の環境技術としての有用性が期待できる.
The base formation using thick-growth-media has been widely used for the protection of cut slope. However, there was an ecological problem because it used nonnative plants. The afforestation with high biodiversity by the ecologically-based plant allocation method and the slope protection technique that assists in growth of sapling in time were developed. The point to have considered time axis by the collaboration of the civil engineering and the forest ecology deserves high evaluation. Furthermore, the slope protection technique using recycled tatami-mat can be expected to be useful as a modern green engineering.
This prize has been awarded for the effort of tacking an important research of the civil engineering technology and biodiversity with an excellent view point.

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