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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2010年(平成21年度) Iグループ


Atmospheric environmental preservation by the new NO2 removal system set up in urban expressway tunnel ventilation stations −The Central Circular Shinjuku Route of Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway−


  • 首都高速道路(株),西松建設(株) ,富士電機システムズ(株) ,パナソニック環境エンジニアリング(株)
  • Metropolitan Expressway Co.,Ltd., Nishimatsu Construction Co.,Ltd., Fuji Electric Systems Co.,Ltd., Panasonic Environmental Systems & Engineering Co.,Ltd.
There have been increasing cases where environmentally friendly tunnel structures are being adopted to the Metropolitan Expressway Network construction. The road tunnel structure needs road tunnel ventilation system for incoming traffic safety and comfort. However , there has been a concern about an environmental impact on the buildings adjacent to the ventilation station since the road tunnel ventilation system expels road tunnel air intensively at its ventilation station outlets.
 In this project, the new NO2 removal system for the road tunnel was introduced into narrow ventilation station of Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway.

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