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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2009年(平成20年度) Iグループ


Development and Practical Use of Snow-Melting System Using Underground Thermal Energy Stored in Summer


  • NEDO技術融合による地中熱融雪システムのコスト縮減と省エネ化の研究開発チーム,福井県
  • Research and Development Team of Snow-Melting System Using Underground Thermal Energy to Reduce Primary Energy and Costs by Combining Related Technologies, Fukui Prefecture
夏の太陽熱を舗装内の放熱管で集熱し、その熱を熱媒体液のポンプ循環で熱交換杭を通じて地中に蓄熱する。杭相互の熱干渉という群杭効果で冬まで熱を保存し、低温でも大量の熱を必要とする路面の融雪・凍結抑制に利用するシステムを開発した。橋台の基礎杭の兼用でも群杭効果が得られた。更に、熱解析、基礎杭、舗装、床版、放熱管、設備、センサ、腐食など包括的に関連技術を開発・融合し、従来の地中熱利用に比べて建設費を1/3以下に抑え、使用電力量も電熱融雪の約1/20に縮減できることを実証した。これら開発したシステムを福井県内の橋、駅周辺歩道等において、実用供用した。 Solar energy is stored into underground energy piles using heat dissipation pipes embedded beneath pavements as solar heat collectors. Because those energy piles stand close to each other, thermal interference occurs between them. Accordingly, the heat stored under the ground is not released quickly and can be used for snow-melting in winter. Moreover , related technologies for such as installations of foundation plies, pavements, bridges and decks, thermal analysis and snow depth sensors have been developed . This new snow-melting system has reduced the initial construction costs of conventional systems by 1/3 and the electricity used by circulation pumps has been used approximately 1/20 of that of an electric heating system. This system has been installed on bridges, roadways and pedestrian passageways around the prefecture.

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