ASCE TCLEE Team to Niigata

ASCE, the Technical Council of Lifeline Earthquake Engineering (TCLEE) sent an earthquake investigation team to Niigata to survey the earthquake-afflicted areas by the Niigataken Chuetsu-oki Earthquake in 2007 from August 2-6.

The purpose of the TCLEE's earthquake investigation team was to investigate and report on the performance of the lifelines in the areas affected by the huge earthquake on Monday, July 16.

In response to ASCE's request for cooperation with the TCLEE's team, JSCE provided assistance to that team by such as scheduling site visits, arranging interviews and providing guides.

ASCE TCLEE's Earthquake Investigation Team:

LeaderMr. Alex TangL&T Engineering & Project Management Consultant
MemberMr. Curt EdwardsPSOMAS (Consultant)
MemberMr. Mark YashinskyCalifornia Department of Transportation
MemberMs. Yumei WangOregon State Geology Department
MemberMr. Anshel Schiffretired professor from Stanford University, California

JSCE Team:

Prof. Hirokazu Iemura (8/3)Kyoto Univ., Head of Public Service Activities Division, JSCE
Prof. Yozo Goto (8/3-4)Fuji Tokoha Univ. Research fellow (Industrial facilities)
Dr. Jorgen A.T. JohanssonAssistant Professor/Lecturer, Univ. of Tokyo
Mr. Hiroyuki YanagawaJSCE International Affairs Section



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