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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2018年(平成29年度) Iグループ

− 三種浜田風力発電所建設工事 −

First in Japan! Assembly of Large Wind Turbine by Wind Lift Method
- Mitane Hamada Project -

日本初!「ウインドリフト工法」による巨大風車の組立 <br>− 三種浜田風力発電所建設工事 −

  • (株)大林組、大林ウインドパワー三種(株)、(株)巴技研
  • Obayashi Corporation,Obayashi Wind Power Mitane Corporation
    Tomoe Research & Development Ltd.
Mitane Hamada project was a construction of three wind turbines in Mitane-cho, Akita prefecture.“ Wind Lift” method which enables to erect a wind turbine at a minimum construction yard was developed and applied to this project for the first time in Japan.
Conventional erection methods using 1,200t hydraulic cranes require larger construction yard and its erection progress is easily affected by unexpected weather change or strong winds.
“Wind Lift” method is an unprecedented technology to assemble large wind turbines using the lifting stage that goes up and down along the tower frame. This method made heavy hydraulic cranes unnecessary and made reduction of construction yard, environmental problem, construction cost and assembly time possible. This new method is deserved highly to contribute the acceleration of the future wind power business.

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