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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2018年(平成29年度) Iグループ


Tokyo Gaikan Expressway, Keisei Sugano Gaikan Underpass Construction
〜 Construction of the road tunnel with the Roof and Culvert Method pulling the unprecedented large cross-section under the railways〜

外環自動車道京成菅野アンダーパス工事<br> 〜世界最大級断面のR&C工法による鉄道営業線直下の函体けん引工事〜

  • 東日本高速道路(株) 関東支社 千葉工事事務所、京成電鉄(株)、清水・京成・東急建設共同企業体
  • East Nippon Expressway Company Limited, Kanto Branch, Chiba Construction office
    Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd. Shimizu-Keisei-Tokyu Construction Joint Venture
1) 2段刃口構造をR&C工法で初めて採用し、切羽を上半と下半に分割することで軌道変状抑止や切羽法面の安定化を図ったこと
2) 現場打ちRC構造の躯体を鋼製セグメント函体に変更するため、大断面鋼製函体の設計手法の確立、函体の三次元FEMによる施工時応力の事前解析、ジャッキ推力の集中制御や連動した計測管理システムを採用したこと
Keisei Sugano project adopted the Roof and Culvert method. The section of the pulled caisson is 18.4m height and 43.8m width. The project overcame the high degree of technical diff iculties due to constructing by pulling the unprecedented large tunnel cross-section beneath the railways.
The main technical features are
1) Controlling the train rail deformation and stabilizing tunnel face under construction by employing upper/lower divided type cutting edge system.
2) Establishing design method for the large sectional steel segment box, analyzing the effects during construction by 3D FEM and adoption of the centralized control jacking and monitoring system.
The project was highly valued for the performance of the efficient and safe work.

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