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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2017年(平成28年度) Iグループ


The Construction of Two Huge Pump Plant by Pneumatic Cason Construction Method
- “Senju Sekiya” Pump Plant Project, Tokyo, Japan -


  • 東京都下水道局、大林・大本建設共同企業体(特)
  • Bureau of Sewerage, Tokyo Metropolitan Government,
    Obayashi and Omoto Construction Joint Venture
Senju Sekiya pump plant is a facility which is designed to control the increasing flood due to local heavy rain and to discharge rainwater into the Sumida River after temporary retention.
Our challenge is the world's first construction to install two huge caissons at the same time to over 50m below the surface with 2.0m space. We performed both shortening the construction period and preserving environmental requirement with consideration for high-density residential area.
Against the various difficult problems peculiar to a large caisson including dilatancy phenomenon of the ground, this project is successfully completed by utilizing the high level analysis based on various data of real-time measurement.

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