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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2017年(平成28年度) Iグループ


The First Project in Japan to Remove the Level Junction of a Commercial Subway Line
- Connecting Line Installation Work on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line / Fukutoshin Line Enabling Stable Traffic on 7 Routes -


  • 東京地下鉄(株)/佐藤・熊谷・大日本建設工事共同企業体/熊谷・佐藤・大日本土木建設工事共同企業体/清水・前田建設工事共同企業体
  • Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. / Joint Venture Construction of Sato Kogyo Co.,Ltd. & Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. & Dai Nippon Construction / Joint Venture Construction of Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. & Sato Kogyo Co.,Ltd. & Dai Nippon Construction/ Joint Venture Construction of Shimizu Corp.& Maeda Corp.
本事業は、平成20 年の副都心線の開業を契機に発生した小竹向原駅と千川駅との間の平面交差部を起因とする列車遅延を「連絡線」を新設することにより解消したものである。
This project solved the train delay originating from the level junction between Kotake-mukaihara station and Senkawa station, caused by the 2008 opening of the Fukutoshin line, by establishing a “connection line”. Completion of the connection line was required by the 2013 start of mutual direct operation with the Tokyu Toyoko Line. Since it was necessary to shorten the work process by about half a year, technology development and ingenuity were utilized to achieve both a shortening of construction time and safe, environmentally friendly construction, realizing a high degree of convenience and stable operation on 7 routes operated by 5 companies.

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