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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2016年(平成27年度) Iグループ

圏央道桶川北本地区函渠その1 工事 (ハーモニカ工法マルチタイプを採用したアンダーパスの築造)

Project Report of a Vehicular Box culvert Construction for the Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway at Okegawa Kitamoto Area. - Harmonica multi-type tunneling method introduced into construction of underpass tunnel -

圏央道桶川北本地区函渠その1 工事<br>(ハーモニカ工法マルチタイプを採用したアンダーパスの築造)

  • 国土交通省関東地方整備局大宮国道事務所、大成・三井住友・大豊特定建設工事共同企業体
  • Oomiya national highway office, Kanto Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Taisei Corp., Mitsui Sumitomo Corp., Daiho Corp. Joint Venture.
 本工法は、縦2m×横2mの正方形の小型マシンを縦または横に3 〜 5個連結させることで、箱型トンネルの躯体部分のみを分割して掘削するものであり、工事にともなう道路の切り回しや規制を必要としない新しい施工法である。 
This project was to construct 42.5m length underpass box culvert under existing national highway having 50,000 car traffic a day. The special construction method called “Harmonica multi-type tunneling” not to need an open cut excavation was introduced into construction of this underpass box culvert for the first time in the world.
  This method firstly constructs the frame of box culvert using small square shield machine 2m by 2m, and by connecting 3 to 5 numbers of it in horizontally or vertically. This is a quite new and eff icient method which does not require any diversion and complicated traffic control of existing road during construction.
  This innovation is established as new technology to enable the efficient construction of large scale box culvert without open cut excavation in the urban area, and expected to be used widely in future for similar type of box culvert.

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