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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2014年(平成25年度) IIグループ


The Completion of Ohashi"Green"Junction, harmonizing with Urban Environment

都市環境との調和に向けた「大橋"グリーン"ジャンクション」の整備・完成都市環境との調和に向けた「大橋"グリーン"ジャンクション」の整備・完成 都市環境との調和に向けた「大橋"グリーン"ジャンクション」の整備・完成

  • 首都高速道路株式会社、目黒区
  • Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd,Meguro City
The Ohashi JCT is an urban highway junction with compact 4-layer loop-shaped structure. Combining highway JCT with town redevelopment project in limited urban space, Ohashi "Green" Junction has been completed.
This project includes reducing gas emissions and traffic noises on the neighborhoods covering the highway loop, and creating 7,000 square meter public garden on the highway loop top. This garden makes an important role as a part of the Urban Ecological Network and local community.
This project is recognized to be selected the award because of the epoch-making project harmonizing with urban environment.

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