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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2014年(平成25年度) IIグループ


Project for remediation of soil damaged by tsunami due to the Great East Japan Earthquake applying the saline soil Improvement technology that makes use of woodchip-mixed materials

木材チップ塩成土壌改良工法による東日本大震災塩害農地再生プロジェクト木材チップ塩成土壌改良工法による東日本大震災塩害農地再生プロジェクト 木材チップ塩成土壌改良工法による東日本大震災塩害農地再生プロジェクト

  • (株)大林組、(国法)東北大学
  • Obayashi Corp., National University Corp., Tohoku University
The soil in farmland has been damaged by salt because the tsunami carried a huge amount of seawater. This causes an increase in the cost of restoration and management of a farm. Then, the soil improvement technology developed in this project can reduce such salt damage by using woodchip-mixed materials, chemical fertilizers, rain water and drainage. The developed technology was effective in reducing the sodium chloride content and the amount of exchangeable sodium of the tsunami-affected soil, and suppressing dispersion of soil colloids.

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