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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2014年(平成25年度) Iグループ

平成25年台風18号における淀川水系の洪水調節 −7ダム等の連携操作により壊滅的被害を回避−

Flood Control in the Yodo River System during the Typhoon No.18, 2013
- Prevented Catastrophic Damage through Integrated and Collaborative Operations at Seven Dams and a Barrage -


  • 国土交通省近畿地方整備局・淀川ダム統合管理事務所・琵琶湖河川事務所、(独)水資源機構関西支社・日吉ダム管理所・木津川ダム総合管理所・琵琶湖開発総合管理所
  • Kinki Regional Development Bureau, Yodogawa Integrated Dam Control Office, and Biwako Office, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT),
    Kansai Regional Bureau, Hiyoshi Dam Control and Management Office, Kizugawa Integrated Dam Control and Management Office, and Lake Biwa Management Office, Incorporated Administrative Agency Japan Water Agency (JWA)
Catastrophic damage was prevented through the integrated and collaborative operations at seven dams and a barrage in the Yodo river system during the Typhoon No.18, 2013. The anticipated levee breach in the lower reach of the Katsura river was avoided due to the great efforts in flood fighting that were deployed, which resulted in only some ten-odd-centimeter depth of overtopping.
The maximum available capacity was utilized at the Hiyoshi dam, an upstream dam, which prevented inundation of 13,000 properties and 1.2 trillion yen of flood damage. Throughout the rivers in the system, operations at seven dams and a barrage also significantly contributed to lower river levels at the confluence of these rivers, including the levels of the Katsura, which ensured a decrease of tens of centimeters in overflow water levels.

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