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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2014年(平成25年度) Iグループ


Rapid Construction of Parallel Road Tunnels by Oval Shaped Shield TBM, Overcoming Extremely Shallow Earth Cover and Small Tunnel Clearance
-Construction of Kawajiri Tunnel on Sagami Longitudinal Expressway-


  • 国土交通省 関東地方整備局 相武国道事務所、(株)大林組
  • Sobu National Highway Office, Kanto Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
    OBAYASHI Corp.
Kawajiri Tunnel on Sagami Longitudinal Expressway is 417m long road tunnel in quiet residential area, a part of Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway. Considering impact on environment, shield tunneling method was adopted for the construction of this tunnel.
New technologies such as 1.Shield tunneling with departure and arrival of TBM on the ground surface, 2.Adoption of oval section, 3.Open shield TBM equipped with system to reduce surrounding ground movement, 4.Constructon of parallel tunnels with 20cm clearance, have enabled to apply shield tunneling method for the extremely shallow tunnel construction in urban area where conventionally cut and cover method is applied. This project achieved shortening construction period drastically and remarkably reduced quantity of excavation.

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