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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2010年(平成21年度) IIグループ


Yamate-Tunnel between the 3rd Shibuya and the 4th Shinjuku line
-A Construction of the Environmentally Conscious Urban Expressway Tunnel-


  • 首都高速道路(株)
  • Metropolitan Expressway Co.Ltd.
The Yamate-Tunnel between Shibuya and Shinjuku is the west part of the Tokyo Metropolitan expressway Central Circular Route, and connects two of the most populous cities in the metropolitan area. The tunnel is built to improve the traffic flow in Tokyo area drastically and expected to yield the environmental benefit.
 Through the construction, various kinds of innovative techniques, such as the Shield Tunnel Expansion Methods Without Open-Cut and the U-turn excavation of the TBMs, were developed. And in the planning and the designing of the Ohashi-Junction, adopted was the community participated approach that had been implemented by the integration of the Tokyo metropolitan government, residents of Ohashi and Metropolitan Expressway Co.Ltd.
Those advanced ways developed in this project is widely applicable, and thus, will contribute to the further development in urban area.

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