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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2010年(平成21年度) IIグループ


Nishi-Osaka Extension Line(Hanshin Namba Line) Construction Project
- Creating A New Urban Railway Network in Kinki Region -


  • 西大阪高速鉄道(株),阪神電気鉄道(株)
  • Nishi-Osaka Rapid Railway Co., Ltd., Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
本路線が開通したことで、神戸・奈良間が相互直通運転により乗り換えなしで結ばれ、大阪都心部を中心とした東西都市軸の機能が著しく強化された。 また、施工においては、台船上橋梁組立架設一括工法や新開発の矩形シールドマシンを採用するなど、新たな技術的な取り組みが行われた。さらに、環境面や景観面に配慮した嵩上げ式防音壁や地下駅に吹き抜け空間等を設け、地域社会との調和が図られた。
Nishi-Osaka Extension Line Construction Project is aimed to connect Nishi-Kujo St. to Osaka-Namba St., for creating a new urban railway network in Kinki Region.
This project enables passengers to go Kobe from Nara without changing a train, and it means municipal performance in the east-west direction is strongly strengthened centering on Osaka.
On construction, current technology is adopted, such as constructing the bridge on a salvage barge throughout from framing step into building step, or applying rectangle shield tunneling method. And also heightened soundproof wall or open ceiling space in the underground station is applied from the aspect of environment or landscape.
As this, this project is prize worthy in terms of contribution for society, developing civil engineering technology, and attempt for integrated society.

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