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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2010年(平成21年度) Iグループ


Construction techniques for deepwater Immersed tunnel under strong current.
- Construction of the Railway Tunnel Under the Bosporus Straits in Istanbul, Turkey -


  • 大成建設(株)
  • TAISEI Corp.
A railway construction project is now underway in Istanbul, Turkey to connect Asia and Europe by tunnels and stations. The tunnel beneath the Bosporus straits was built using immersed tube techniques under severe environmental conditions such as a strong current and the deepest water depth of 60 meters. To overcome these conditions, innovative construction techniques of the tidal current prediction system by using ICT, Access shaft system that is installed after the first immersion, etc. had been developed and applied. The successful completion of the tunnel has demonstrated that the range of application of immersed tube tunnels can be extended. This contributes to the development of construction technology for underwater tunnels and also to the worldwide recognition of high level of Japanese technology.

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