Operations Research for Logisticsに関する講演会

- Operations Research for Logistics-

日時: 平成26年12月16日 10:30-12:00
場所: 神戸大学大学院海事科学研究科 総合学術交流棟 1F 梅木Nホール

Prof. Dr. Pitu Mirchandani
School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering Arizona State University
"Routing, Logistics and Management of Recharging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles"
There is much reason to believe that many individuals and organizations will transform their vehicles to ones that utilize alternative fuels which are more sustainable. The electric vehicle (EV) is a good candidate for this transformation, especially which “refuels” by exchanging its spent batteries with charged ones. Unfortunately, although there is much research gone into technologies of EVs, little effort have gone into designing the battery charging-/ exchanging- infrastructure. This presentation discusses the issues that must be addressed, principally the issues related to the limited driving range of each electric vehicle’s set of charged batteries and the possible detouring for battery exchanges. In particular, the talk will address the optimization and analysis of infrastructure design alternatives dealing with (1) the routing of vehicles from origins to destinations, (2) the optimum locations of battery-exchange stations, and (3) the recharging capacity and operations management of battery-exchange infrastructure. Some infrastructure design and optimization models, and some results, will be discussed in the presentation.