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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2018年(平成29年度) Iグループ

−京奈和自動車道 紀北西道路 和歌山ジャンクションの建設−

Elimination of Missing-link for industrial development in the Kinki area
-Construction of Keinawa Expressway Kihoku-Nishi Road Wakayama Junction-

近畿圏の産業振興のためのミッシングリンクの解消 <br>−京奈和自動車道 紀北西道路 和歌山ジャンクションの建設−

  • 国土交通省近畿地方整備局和歌山河川国道事務所、西日本高速道路(株) 関西支社和歌山工事事務所、鹿島建設(株) 関西支店、(株)大林組大阪本店、川田建設(株)大阪支店、佐藤工業(株)大阪支店、三井住友建設(株)大阪支店
  • Wakayama Office of River and National Highway, Kinki Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and
    Tourism, Wakayama Construction Office, Kansai Branch, West Nippon Expressway Co.,Ltd., KAJIMA Corp. Kansai Branch, OBAYASHI Corp.
    Osaka Branch, KAWADA CONSTRUCTION Co.,Ltd. Osaka Branch, SATO KOGYO Co.,Ltd. Osaka Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co.,
    Ltd. Osaka Branch
Wakayama Junction composed of multiple bridges rising 100m above undulating land was constructed with a high level of rational construction techniques so as to shorten its construction period.
Some of the technical challenges to construct this junction include: shortening of construction period, minimizing the incidental risks associated with severe crossing site conditions, and constructing the long-span concrete structures. In order to face these technical challenges, the precast segmental erection method, and the prefabricated reinforcement cage method were adopted. For the span stitching works of the sharp curved superstructure, the permanent steel corrugated webs were also used as temporary structural members to provide their stability during the stitching works.
Completing this difficult and complex junction project successfully with those construction techniques is considered to exert a potent influence in planning, designing and construction of the future road projects and its achievement is highly evaluated.

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