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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2017年(平成28年度) Iグループ

(リニア名古屋駅の一部となるJR ゲートタワー新設)

Underpinning of Underground Structure for Railway in Service, and Construction of Diaphragm Walls by Applying Undermining Method for Construction of Skyscraper
- Construction of JR GATE TOWER which becomes a part of station for the Linear Chuo Shinkansen -

超高層ビル建設における営業線鉄道函体アンダーピニングと透し掘り連壁<br>(リニア名古屋駅の一部となるJR ゲートタワー新設)

  • 東海旅客鉄道(株)、大成・鹿島特定建設工事共同企業体
  • Central Japan Railway Company
    Taisei - Kajima Joint Venture
Construction of JR GATE TOWER (height: 220m, underground depth: 35m) needed a number of advanced technologies in order to include the existing underground railway structure into the new construction.
They are 1) deep chemical grouting to secure the stability and safety of the existing structure, 2) longterm accurate observation against settlement and rebound due to the weight of the building, and 3) construction of deep diaphragm walls under the existing structure by applying a newly improved undermining machine.
These high technologies contributed to the construction of a part of the Linear Chuo Shinkansen as well as the intensive use of underground space.

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