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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2017年(平成28年度) Iグループ


Construction of 3-D Composite Curve Shaped Pipe-Culvert by Aerial Assembly of “Concrete Filled Steel Segments with External Bolt Tightening Type”
- Construction work of discharge culverts at Kobe Nakatottei pump station-


  • 神戸市建設局、大成建設(株)
  • Construction Bureau, Kobe City
    Taisei Corp.
This project is executed as part of the anti-inundation measures business of the Sannomiya, Kobe-City south district. Nakatottei pumping station is maintained and a large sectional effluent pipe that drains a large quantity of rainwater into Kobe Port is under construction. In the launching and arrival shafts, 3-D composite curve shaped pipe-culvert with a large height difference (H=20m) and a sharp curve (R=18m) was planned.
On behalf of difficult cast-in-place RC structure, we adopted an alternative method to construct this complex discharge culvert by using aerial assembly of newly developed “concrete filled steel segments with external bolt tightening type”. Finally we could successfully design and construct a complexly shaped culvert connection.
As a result, we addressed a functionally necessary point and could realize labor-saving, high-quality, reduction of construction period. This project was a pioneering work that achieved “i-Construction”, by improving productivity and safety.

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