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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2012年(平成23年度) IIグループ


Takizawa Dam Construction Project
-Rationalized Construction Work of Large Scale Gravity Dam and Creating Tourism Resource by Landscape Design


  • 独立行政法人 水資源機構
  • Japan Water Agency
Takizawa Dam is a concrete gravity dam with a height of 132 m which is located in Saitama Prefecture in Japan. Its total reservoir storage created is 56 million cubic meters.
During its construction period, a lot of new technologies and rationalization of construction works were evolved. Particularly the SP-TOM was developed as a massive concrete transportation system which can continuously convey concrete without material segregation.
Additionally, related facilities were carefully designed considering surrounded landscape since they are located in a national park. The loop bridge named Raiden-Todoroki-Bashi was constructed along a shifted national road. It was built immediately downstream of the dam and has become a new resource for tourism.

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