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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2012年(平成23年度) Iグループ

− 東尾久浄化センター主ポンプ棟建設工事 −

Design and Construction of the World's Largest Pneumatic Caisson
Main Pump Construction of the Higashi Ogu Sewage Treatment Plant

世界最大の平面積を有するニューマチックケーソンの設計施工<br>−  東尾久浄化センター主ポンプ棟建設工事  −

  • 東京都下水道局,清水建設株式会社
  • Bureau of Sewerage, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Shimizu Corporation
The Higashi Ogu Sewage Treatment Plant, located in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo, Japan is a facility designed to prevent eutrophication of the Tokyo Bay.
The core Nishi-Nippori District main pump building has six stories below ground with a reinforced concrete structure. The underground structure was completed through the design and construction of the pneumatic caisson method and has the world's largest plane area (4,837 sq m ).
A carefully thought-out plan, which carried out using advanced technical know-how at each of the design and construction stages, successfully realized in terms of both economic efficiency and high-accuracy, a first-of-its-kind supersize pneumatic caisson. The completion of this project will contribute greatly to future projects of large-scale deep underground structures.

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