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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2011年(平成22年度) Iグループ


Effective utilization of sludge emitted during Column Jet Grout method as subgrade materials after granular solid and fluidization treatments


  • (株)大林組
  • Obayashi Corp.
本プロジェクトは、屋外重要土木構造物における周辺地盤のせん断剛性を向上させるため高圧噴射撹拌工法を実施した工事において、発生する排泥を粒状固化処理し、その後に流動化処理することで、路床材の要求品質に合致した土質材料として100%敷地内にリサイクルした事例である。 The Column Jet Grout method was applied to improve shear stiffness of ground around some important civil structure. While this ground improvement work was being done, ALL the amounts of sludge were utilized as subgrade materials. For the utilization, granular solid treatment and subsequent fluidization process were adopted. All the utilized granular materials were consumed/recycled inside the right of way. In other words, Zero-Emission of sludge from the ground improvement work was achieved.

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