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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2009年(平成20年度) Iグループ


Design and Construction Technologies for the Nation’s First Large Twin Tunnels Close to Existing Structures Passing Right Underneath Buildings - New Tomei Expressway Imasato Daiichi Tunnel -


  • 中日本高速道路(株)東京支社 沼津工事事務所、清水・アイサワ・ピーエス三菱特定建設工事共同企業体
  • Numazu Construction Office, Tokyo Branch, Central Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd., SHIMIZU Corp., Aisawa Construction Co., Ltd., P.S.Mitsubishi Construction Co., Ltd. Joint Venture
Imasato-Daiichi Tunnel is the twin parallel tunnels with a large cross section under small overburden which are located extremely close to existing structures. Concerning the construction of the tunnels, a lot of technical difficulties were anticipated due to buildings right above the tunnels. Thus, the design of high-strength support system and improvement of pillars between the tunnels with preceding grouting operations were made to assure mechanical stability. These innovations contributed to the successful construction of large twin tunnels very close to existing structures, which led to the establishment of design and construction methods for this kind of tunnels.

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