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Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award

2007年(平成18年度) Iグループ


The Efforts Made by Considering Biodiversity and Environmental Load Reduction in The Large-Scale Pumped Storage Power Plant Project. - Construction of the Omarugawa Power Plant, KYUSHU ELECTRIC POWER CO., INC. -


  • 九州電力(株)小丸川発電所建設所
  • KYUSHU ELECTRIC POWER CO., INC. Omarugawa Power Plant Construction Office
小丸川発電所(最大出力120万kW)の建設地点では,環境調査の結果,レッドデータブックに記載されている数種類の貴重種が確認されたことから、下記に示す様々な保全対策を実施しながら工事を進めている。クマタカ(猛禽類)の保全については、環境影響評価の段階から学識経験者や関係自治体からなる検討会を構成し、工事中は順応的管理を行うなど一貫した高度な取り組みに努めている。また、コウヤマキ(針葉樹)の保全については、より自然に近い形で再生するために伴生木を含めた移植を行った。さらに、大規模な改変区域(約28万m2の裸地)の緑化については、本来の自然環境の復元を目標とし、外来種の混入や遺伝子攪乱による生態系への影響に配慮するなど新たな自然復元手法を導入し実施した。 For the construction of Omarugawa Power Plant, an environmental research was conducted at the site, and showed that several kinds of endangered species listed in the Red Data Book inhabited in the area. In order to preserve them, the following measures have been taken: Regarding the preservation of Hodgson's hawkeagle, a task force was formed to discuss that in the environmental impact assessment phase. The task force has taken high-level efforts such as adaptive management during the construction. As another effort, Umbrella Pines were transplanted together with surrounding trees to restore them in their native environment as much as possible. Further, new methods, which control the influences upon the local ecosystem caused by nonnative species invasions and genetic disturbances, have been introduced to restore a large disturbed land to its original environment.

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