Coastal Structures 2011 本文へジャンプ


Conference Main Theme
Coastal Disaster Preparedness and Ocean Utilization in a Changing Climate.

Conference Topics
The main theme of the 2011 Coastal Structures Conference will be coastal disaster preparedness and ocean utilization in a changing climate. Examples of topics, which are not exhaustive, within this theme are listed below.
  1. Prevention of Storm Disaster
  2. Prevention of Tsunami Disaster
  3. Shore Protection
  4. Port Facilities
  5. Marine Recreation
  6. Ocean Development/Ocean Energy
  7. Coastal Environmental Problems and Marine Ecosystem Conservation/Restoration
  8. Wave-Structure Interaction
  9. Wave-Seabed-Structure Interaction
  10. Geotechnical Design
  11. Maintenance
  12. Numerical Simulation
  13. Integrated Design
  14. Coastal Structure Projects
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