JSCE Awards in 2021

Achievement Award
Tamon Ueda (Distinguished Professor Shenzhen University, Professor Emeritus Hokkaido University) Details (pdf)
Junichiro Niwa (Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology) Details (pdf)

Technical Award
Implementation of Rapid All-Precast Slab Replacement Technology for PC Composite Girder Bridge Details (pdf)
Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited, Nagoya Nagoya Branch
Obayashi Corporation
Fully Precast Construction of Rahmen Viaduct for Improved Productivity and Reduced Construction Period Details (pdf)
Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency, Hokkaido Shinkansen Construction Bureau
Obayashi Corporation
Sophisticated Technology for Viaduct Slab Replacement Details (pdf)
Hanshin Expressway Company Limited, Business and Maintenance Management Headquarters
Tobishima Corporation, Osaka Branch
Kajima Corporation, Kansai Branch
Skill Transfer Using Digital Technology for Reliable Concrete Casting in Dam Construction Details (pdf)
Kagawa Prefecture Office, Sediment Control Division
Taisei Corporation, Tobishima Corporation, Murakami Gumi Joint Venture

Environmental Award
Development of Geopolymer Concrete for On-Site Casting Details (pdf)
Obayashi Corporation
Pozzolith Solutions Limited
Nippon Steel Corporation

Research Paper Award
Relationship between Shear Force and Slip of Reinforcing Bar in a Joint Interface of Half Precast RC Structure Details (pdf)
Ryosuke Takahashi (Akita University)
Hiroshi Shima (Kochi University of Technology)
Satoshi Matsuoka (Landes Corporation)
Satoshi Tsuchiya (COMS Engineering Corporation)

Incentive Award
Proposal of a Completely Non-Destructive Evaluation Method of Corrosion Rate of Reinforcing Steel Inside Concrete Structure Details (pdf)
Toshinori Kanemitsu (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)

Yoshida Award
Research Achievement Category
Durability Assessment and Development of Maintenance Systems for Concrete Structures Details (pdf)
Koji Takewaka (Representative Director, Research Organization for Diagnostic Technologies for Structures, Professor Emeritus, Kagoshima University)
Life-cycle Management of Port and Coastal Concrete Structures Details (pdf)
Hiroshi Yokota (Coastal Development Institute of Technology)
Research Paper Category
Study on Evaluation Method of CO2 Absorption and Physical Properties of Cementitious Materials with Carbonation Curing Details (pdf)
Takeshi Torichigai (Kajima Corporation)
Kosuke Yokozeki (Toyo University)
Ichiro Yoshioka (Chugoku Electric Power)
Minoru Morioka (Denka Company)
Experimental Study on Seismic Behavior of Anchorages Embedded in Reinforced Concrete with Flexural Cracks Details (pdf)
Seiji Nagata (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
Toyofumi Matsuo (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
Hironori Morozumi (Kansai Electric Power)
Keizo Otomo (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
Exposure Test and Numerical Simulation on the Influence of Outdoor Weather Action on the Drying Shrinkage of Concrete Details (pdf)
Keisuke Minowa (National Institute of Technology, Fukui College)
Takumi Simomura (Nagaoka University of Technology)
Yuichiro Kawabata (Port and Airport Research Institute)
Takashi Fujii (Okayama University)
Jun Tomiyama (Ryukyu University)
Research Encouragement Details (pdf)
Investigation on Persistence of Curing Effect on Moisture Penetration Resistivity and Stagnation Phenomenon of Carbonation Progress
Yuki Yokoyama (Kyoto University)
Fundamental Research on Swelling Behavior of Cementitious Materials during Water Re-absorption
Go Igarashi (The University of Tokyo)
Evaluating the Effect on Reinforced Concrete Structures of Combined Electro-chemical Repair and Surface Protection
Kazuhide Nakayama (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Tanaka Award
Achievement Category
Study on Seismic Design, Seismic Retrofit and Strengthening by New Material (FRP) for Concrete Bridges Details (pdf)
Kyuichi Maruyama (Professor Emeritus, Nagaoka University of Technology)
Research Paper Category
Effect of Cable Rupture near Anchorage Zone on Load-Bearing Performance of PC Box Girder Bridge Details (pdf)
Eiji Yoshida (Public Works Research Institute)
Yoshinobu Oshima (Nakano Corporation)
Masahiro Ishida (Public Works Research Institute)
Takashi Yamamoto (Kyoto University)
Atsushi Hattori (Kyoto University)
Yoshikazu Takahashi (Kyoto University)
Bridge Design and Construction Category
New Kelani River Bridge Details (pdf)
Contractee: Road Development Authority (RDA), Ministry of Highways, Sri Lanka
Designer: Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd., Katahira & Engineers International Co., Ltd., Consulting Engineer and Architects Associated Pvt. Ltd., and Project Management Associate International Pvt. Ltd.
Constructor (Package 1): JFE Engineering Corporation Co., Ltd., Mitsui E&S, and Toda Corporation Co., Ltd. JV Constructor (Package 2): Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd., and Sanken Construction Pvt. Ltd. JV
Tama River Sky Bridge Details (pdf)
Contractee: Kawasaki City and Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Preliminary Design: Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd.
Structural Verification: Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd.
Detailed Design: Penta-ocean Construction Co., Ltd., Hitachi Zosen Corporation, Fudo Tetra Corporation, Yokokawa Bridge Corporation, Honma Corporation and Takadakiko Co., Ltd. JV
Constructor: Penta-ocean Construction Co., Ltd., Hitachi Zosen Corporation, Fudo Tetra Corporation, Yokokawa Bridge Corporation, Honma Corporation and Takadakiko Co., Ltd. JV
Precast PC slab using UFC for water protection layer (UFC composite slab) Details (pdf)
Developer: East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd., Obayashi Corporation

Innovative Technique Award
New Joint Structure for Precast Slabs Using Rebars with Plate Anchorages (Head-bar Joints) Details (pdf)
Tetsuo Kawaguchi (Taisei Corporation)
Hitoshi Takeda (Taisei Corporation)
Toshitaka Shimazaki (Taisei Corporation)
Mitsutoshi Takashima (Taisei Corporation)
Weijian Zhao (Zhejiang University)

International Outstanding Collaboration Award
Jian-Guo Dai (Vice-chairman, Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) Details (pdf)

Yoshida Award

Yoshida Award was founded to honor the outstanding professional achievements and contributions of Dr. Tokujiro Yoshida to the establishment of concrete technology in Japan. Dr. Tokujiro Yoshida Commemorative Foundation was established by about 300 friends, colleagues, and students of Dr. Yoshida under the leadership of Dr. Masatane Kokubu (Professor, The University of Tokyo) in 1960, and raised over 20 million Japanese yen in thousands individuals, groups and family gifts. This award is generally supported by the Foundation.
The Yoshida Award is conferred on those who have made remarkable accomplishments and outstanding contributions to the advancement of concrete engineering, either in research, planning, design, construction, these accomplishments and contributions being made in the form of a paper and other written presentations or through practice. In addition, Yoshida Award has a research grant for young civil engineers to encourage them to develop their creative and innovative thinking skills and to pursue research interests in concrete engineering.
The award is made in two categories: Outstanding Research Achievement: the award is made to recognize outstanding achievements and contributions to the advancement of concrete engineering in research. Best Research Paper: the award is made to recognize the author, or authors of a paper: or research report, published in a JSCE journal/ magazine which contains the most valuable contribution to the development of concrete engineering.

Dr. Tokujiro Yoshida and his hammer

Tanaka Award

Tanaka Award was established to honor Dr. Tanaka for his pioneering contribution to bridge and structural engineering in 1966. The award has recognized remarkable success, excellence, and contribution, at the same time, gained recognition internationally.