Journal of Civil Engineering Information Processing System in 2000
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Development of the Graphical User Interface of the Supporting System for the Slope Stability Evaluation and Improving Its Usability
Hirohito Kojima Member of JSCE, Dr.Eng, Associate Professor, Dept.of Civil Eng. Science University of Tokyo
Shigeyuki Obayashi Member of JSCE, Dr.Eng, Professor, Science University of Tokyo
Toshitaka Azuma Member of JSCE, M. Eng, Land Infomation Technology Laboratory Co.,LTD
Kan Aburatani Member of JSCE, Graduate School of Science University of Tokyo
<Abstract> For better supporting to evaluate the hazardous area affected by the slope failures and landslides,we have been tackled to construct the supporting system(termed SSE-Win)for the slope stability evaluation with the userfriendly Graphical User Interface(GUI)based on the window system. In the SSE-Win,the geographical information and satellite remote sensing data were used to produce the slope stability evaluation maps. In the general design of the GUI,the functions corresponding to the operating procedure in the SSE-Win were investigated. As the next stage of the detail design of the GUI, we designed the link-relation between the screens as wel as the contents in each screen, The standardized procedure on the GUI design provided in this study might be contribute not only to the reduction of the entire term on the system development, but also to improve the efficency of the system life-cycle in modifying and adding the further functions.
<Keywords> graphical user interface, slope stability evaluation, geographical information, satellite remote sensing data