Development of an Integrated System for Dynamic Analysis
with Simulated Waves and Its Application

Takeshi KITAHARA Researcher,Takenaka Corporation,Research and Development Institute
Hitoshi SEYA Chief Researcher,Takenaka Corporation,Research and Development Institute
Yoshito ITOH Professor,Nagoya University,Center for Integrated Research in Science and Engineering
<Abstract>  After the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Disaster,the importance of dynamic analyses has increased in the design of structures.Because nonlinear dynamic analysis results are highly related to the periodic characteristics of input waves,the dynamic response of structures should be evaluated with a large number of seismic waves including the simulated waves as well as the observed waves.Professional knowledge and great efforts are necessary to prepare the simulated waves.Therefore,a research approach is necessary to support structural engineers in generating such input seismic waves.In this paper,an integrated system is presented for the dynamic analysis of structures on Engineering Workstation.The system has the interactive and visual functions with a user-friendly graphic user interface so that the users can easily repeat the dynamic analysis processes and obtain the probabilistic performances of structures with the system.In addtion,the performance of the system is evaluated on several practical tasks of aseismic diagnosis.It is found that both the time and cost can be reduced using the system.
<Keywords> simulated wave, dynamic analysis, integrated system, GUI