Construction and Management of the Data Set on the Earth Observing
Information for publicity under the Network Environment

Shigeyuki Obayashi Dr.Eng.,Professor,Science University of Tokyo @
Ryutarou Tateishi Dr.Eng.,Associate Professor,Chiba University,The Center for Environmental Remote Sensing
Hirohito Kojima Dr.Eng.,Associate Professor,Science University of Tokyo
<Abstract> To support the better understanding on the earth environment,we have been tackled to construct the data sets on the land cover information from the satellite remote sensing data,and to investigate the practical use of those through the network.The structure of the data set is designed,based on the two points of view which is the gWeb sitehand the gData base siteh,respectively.Without being disturbed in the management for the data sets,the user can only attend to retrieve the stored data sets.By the unitary management of the data sets according to the garea-unith,the improvement of the work efficiency in collecting, storing and managing the data sets could be achieved. The structure of the data sets provided in this study must be an introduction to link the other data under the global network communication system.
<Keywords> data set, land cover information, satellite remote sensing data, data resouce management