Development of Offshore Construction Management System Based on Data Communications
Hironao Takahashi    
Hisanori Yoshimura    
Bunji Shigematsu    
Yoshihide Ishikawa    
<Abstract> In the majority of cases it is not possible to monitor the progress of construction work on offshore projects by visual means and monitoring is carried out using specialized methods that differ from those employed in onshore projects. Though these methods have helped to facilitate project management, there are many areas in which improvements are needed. This reeport explores the potential for the establishment of efficient data communications systems based on the use of new technologies such as GPS, GIS and MCA.It also compares the technologies employed in the component systems from which such systems will be built.In addition,this paper discusses offshore trials conducted in Tokyo Bay using an actual operational management system for dredging vessels.The trials confirmed the reasoning behind the system,the validity of the technical comparison of component systems and the utility of data communications in offshore project management.
<Keywords> Offshore construction, construction management, data communications, GPS, GIS, MCA, VRML